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In line with the commitment of GECMO(Groupe pour l′Étude de la Civilisation du Moyen Orient) to promote knowledge and research on the Civilisation of the MidEast, in its Historical definition, GECMO has published twenty six (26) RES ORIENTALES volumes on specific civilisation topics. Containing the latest research on Mideast Civilisation, RES ORIENTALES volumes are accessible worldwide in print.

Delivery of RES ORIENTALES content via the internet will lead to new markets opening up across the world, so institutions in the Mideast area becoming able to access the content for the first time. The dedication of GECMO to advancing knowledge about Mideast civilisation becomes visible within RES ORIENTALES volumes, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.


  Publié par le Groupe pour l’Étude de la Civilisation du Moyen-Orient.